Choreographers Project


Photo © 2012 by Kathryn Raines

The Choreographers Project went on hiatus at the start of the 2012 season
and is not currently accepting new residents.

Since 1984, the Choreographers Project has provided guidance and assistance for professional development in contemporary dance, as well as a collegial atmosphere for artistic exploration. The project is a model for research and development in movement.

This residency for emerging independent choreographers from the Greater Philadelphia area annually offers to three to four local artists space and time in which to develop their craft; opportunities to present their works to the public and build audiences; master teacher and peer evaluation; and continuous encouragement in their creative development. Choreographers Project residents come from a wide range of stylistic backgrounds and are encouraged to investigate diverse expressions.

SHMD accepts inquiries from interested local choreographers throughout the year. Ultimately, a candidate is invited into the project only after Hess has viewed a selection of his or her work in live performance. Performance values such as ambitious concepts and creative execution of those concepts, as well as movement training and awareness, are critical in Hess’s evaluation.

The emerging choreographers must have been active in the field for at least two years and show potential for growth. Invited artists may not be in college or another residency that provides ready access to rehearsal space, as this is a key offering of the project.

Gabrielle Revlock rehearsing "Fork and Stick Thing"

Photo © 2011 by Bonnie Friel

Choreographers Project Alumni – 1984-2012

Amanda Miller
Asimina Chremos
Brenda Kunda
Bronwen MacArthur
Charles O. Anderson
Darla Stanley
David Konyk
Devynn Emory
Eric Schoefer
Gabrielle Revlock
Gin MacCallum
Heather Murphy
Ilse Pfeifer
Jennie Diggs (Makihara)
Jeune Ji
Josie Smith
Jumatatu Poe
Karen Bamonte
Karen McMahon
Kate Watson-Wallace
Leah Stein
Leslie Dworkin
Lionel Popkin
Meg Foley
Megan Mazarick
Melanie Kloetzel
Melanie Stewart
Melisa Putz
Meredith Rainey
Nichole Canuso
Olive Prince
Patricia Graham
Raphael Xavier
Renee Robinson-Buzby
Rennie Harris
Roko Kawai
Steve Krieckhaus
Tania Isaac
Terry Beck
Theresa Roebuck

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